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Let’s be honest, a divorce is one of the hardest things you’ll ever go through. Our firm can help you in any divorce proceeding, contested or uncontested. In an uncontested divorce, you and your spouse agree on all the major issues. There are no major questions about how to split the assets and property or any questions related to the children (support, custody, etc.). Family Matters Law Group can help you file the paperwork and move forward with your life.

Not all divorce proceedings are that easy, and we’re prepared for those as well. In a contested divorce, where there are major disagreements between you and your spouse, it’s important to have someone on your side, someone who can fight for what’s in your best interest. We will attempt a good-faith negotiation as a first course of action to try and avoid a lengthy and costly courtroom battle. But, when the time comes to go to court, Family Matters Law Group can be an effective and passionate advocate, with the knowledge and courtroom savvy to win your case.


Family Matters Law Group knows how absolutely stressful and frustrating it is to have to fight for the right to see your child or to get adequate financial help in the form of child support. We have years of expertise in helping parents win custody of their children. We also fight hard to get child support agreements modified or enforced because we believe that every parent has a responsibility to help take care of the children in a fair way.

We specialize in cases where conventional wisdom says we can’t win. We’ve helped non-custodial parents win custody or get changes to a child support agreement. We’ve also fought for fathers seeking custody rights. Our philosophy is to fight hard for what’s in the best interest of children and their families, and we choose our cases accordingly. We’re proud of our family law practice and invite you to explore all the ways we can help you. You deserve a compassionate, experienced ally on your side.

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Bite-sized legal tip videos covering many issues arising in family law. Check out this section to watch and learn about divorce, father’s rights, child support, custody and so much more.

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We fight for people whose children, assets and money are under attack in family law disputes.

We fight for people whose
children, assets and money
are under attack.