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Our History
Founder and Owner Edidiong Essienumoh Aaron opened Family Matters Law Group, P.C. (“FMLG”) in 2012 with the intention of laying a foundation such that the firm would become synonymous with expertise and excellence. This intention is carried out by consistently fighting for people whose children, assets, and money are under attack. The entire FMLG team is dedicated to the desires of our clients, while simultaneously managing client expectations alongside the realities of the laws that govern family law. Our performance is carried out through the detail-specific attention that is given to every case and our insatiable drive to compete and perform in and out of court.


What Makes Us Different
responsive law firm


When you invest a considerable amount of your trust and money into hiring a law firm, you should expect that your firm and its staff will be responsive to your questions and concerns. At Family Matters Law Group, we integrate systematic procedures and the latest in technology to ensure that we are available when you call or message, and that we are keeping you up-to-date on all relevant happenings in your case.
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The saying is “if you’re going to be a monkey, then be a Gorilla.” The attorneys working for the firm you hire should always be equipped to enter into the courtroom with an eye towards victory. Our clients have often described our performance in court as “beast mode” or “beast like” because of the fierce, no nonsense, and resilient efforts we embody in the courtroom. If you need a firm that will Fight to Protect Your Children, Assets and Money when they are Under Attack, you need Family Matters Law Group.
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When you hire a family law firm, you want that firm and its attorneys to have a high level of insight about the courts and the judges that your case will be in front of. If the firm you retained doesn’t know how a particular courthouse sets cases for final hearings or how a particular Judge feels about joint physical custody then you didn’t hire the right firm. Family Matters Law Group has spent a considerable amount of time in the courtroom (we don not shy away from litigation) and in the courthouse. We believe its important to develop meaningful relationships with courthouse staff because after all, it is the staff that assist in moving your case to finality. We have positioned ourselves to litigate before a host of judges, in several metro Atlanta counties, about various family law issues; through this, we have gained an incredible amount of insight into the views, opinions, and rulings of these judges.
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Edidiong Aaron


Founder & Attorney at Law

Edidiong (pronounced ‘Ah-dee-dee-on’) Aaron is the Owner and Practicing Attorney at Family Matters Law Group, P.C. She is from Akwa-Ibom State Nigeria by way of Houston Texas. Edidiong attended the University of West Georgia, where she served on the Student Judicial Chair Board. She pledged the illustrious Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated and is currently an active graduate chapter member.

Edidiong graduated from Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School in 2010 and began practicing Family Law for a boutique firm located in Morrow, Georgia. In 2012 she proudly opened the doors of Family Matters Law Group, P.C with the intention of laying a foundation such that the firm would become synonymous with expertise and excellence. Edidiong is an expert Family Law attorney serving in Clayton, Henry, Fayette, Fulton, and other metro Atlanta counties.

Edidiong is a member of the State Bar of Georgia, Family Law and Young Lawyers Section, and the Atlanta Bar Association, Family Law Section. She attends numerous continuing legal education courses and is abreast to the ever-changing laws governing family law. She is often called to speak at Father’s Rights seminars to provide key legal tips on hot topic discussions.

Edidiong has aggressively fought for people whose children, assets, and money are under attack in a family law dispute. To learn more about Edidiong’s commitment to her client’s please visit the ‘Testimonial’s’ page to hear what her former clients are saying.
Amber Jenkins


Junior Paralegal

Amber Jenkins currently serves as a Junior Paralegal with Family Matters Law Group. She is a recent graduate of Southern University Law Center, Baton Rouge. During her time at Southern, Amber served as Vice President of the Pro Bono Board and worked for Southern University Law Center’s Law Clinic, which served low-income clients with legal services. She is currently awaiting admission to the State Bar of Georgia.

Amber began her career with the firm in November 2019 and has not looked back since! Amber believes that Family Matters Law Group is the perfect place to mold her into the attorney she has always dreamed of becoming. Amber possess a “dive-in” personality and is completely fearless in tackling client needs that are novel to her. Amber is bright, talented and sharp. Although she is titled junior paralegal, she heads on writing projects such as detailed briefs and motions for the Firm and its clients. She cultivates meaningful relationships with clients to ensure that the issues of their case are being properly litigated. She looks forward to gaining admission to Georgia’s illustrious bar so that she can begin advocating for people whose children, assets and money are under attack.

Amber is a native of Okolona, a small town in North-East Mississippi. When she is not advocating behind the scenes for our clients, she enjoys the arts and creating memories with family and friends through fellowship and travel.


Legal Secretary

Arian Sanders is a graduate from the University of West Georgia with a degree in Mass Communications. She joined the Family Matters Law Group team to enhance and improve our front office needs. She is an incredible asset to the company and our clients—who absolutely love calling in to speak with her. Through her career with our firm, she discovered her desire to pursue her law degree and intends to commence her studies in the Fall of 2020. She later wishes to practice and serve family law clients who need the assurance that a new sense of happiness and normal is in sight.


Junior Paralegal

Jocelyn Marcial is our junior paralegal. She started at the Firm immediately after obtaining her paralegal studies degree and has used every opportunity—work hours and beyond, to immerse herself in all there is to know about family law. She is driven, determined, and dedicated to effective results for our clients. Jocelyn is a team player and truly seeks to put her best foot forward. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and family. She enjoys arts, crafts, creative imagery, and learning new DIY projects from YouTube and Snapchat.
Kern Asher headshot


Client Advocate

Kern Asher serves as the Client Advocate for Family Matters Law Group. He began his career with the Firm in August 2019 and has been integral to the company. He serves as the first point of direct contact between a potential client’s desires and advocating those desires to the Firm. Kern’s career background reigns in his keen ability to relate to others, solve problems, and charismatically reframe perspectives in tough situations like family law issues.

During a potential client’s first consultation, they will meet with Kern to determine amongst other things, if and how our Firm can serve their needs. Kern is not just a transactional figure at Family Matters Law Group, instead, he follows the potential client to active client. He also maintains consistent contact with the client throughout the duration of their case. In essence, his role is to ensure your needs are being met and you are comfortable with your representation from consultation to conclusion of your case.

Kern is an American Trinidadian hailing from Brooklyn, New York. He possesses a psychology degree from the University of West Georgia. During his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, taking on construction projects and rebuilding classic cars.
Our Approach to legal matters


How We Do It

Before determining an approach to a specific legal matter, Family Matters Law Group wants to know where you see your case going and what you expect to accomplish as a result.

YOUR DESIRES. Some law firms and attorneys will immediately begin spewing out what they can do for you without first knowing if that is what you truly want them to do. When you are clear about what you wish to accomplish, that’s where we begin our approach.

MAKING YOU MORE KNOWLEDGEABLE. We don’t just pride ourselves on being knowledgeable about family law, we also pride ourselves on the way we educate our clients on family laws. We take the time to show you actual statutes and case law that relate to your case and discuss how your facts fit or do not fit. Your knowledge of the law will help guide you in the decisions that you make and the outcomes you desire.

MANAGING EXPECTATIONS. Unfortunately, there are so many other law firms that will tell you what you want to hear just to get you in the door, even though they are aware that the laws do not support what you may be seeking. We do not accept every case because we understand that hiring a firm to represent you requires a mutual connection between the firm and the client. Along with this connection comes the courage of that firm to properly manage the client’s expectations alongside the realities of the laws governing family. Put another way, our firm absolutely will not improperly lead you to believe what we know is not true simply to make you feel good or retain our services.



We refuse to settle for the “standard” family law outcomes and verdicts. We fight for more quality parenting time with your children, fair calculation of income and child support, and ensuring your end goals are met.


We do not take every case that walks through our door. Instead, we are driven to take on new clients based on our belief in our client’s case and cause. It is the unyielding belief in each client, that produces solutions to their family law matters.


This time, the devil is not in the details. The devil is in failure to explore every detail of your case so as to achieve your desired result. We work up every case for trial with the intention of highlighting how every relevant detail in your case is a basis for an award in your favor.


When you call, text or complete the contact form to set a consultation with Family Matters Law Group you will be provided with detailed information about what to expect and what to bring to the appointment. You will also receive a welcome letter from one of our attorneys. Every consultation is a comprehensive and detailed one-hour time slot which affords you the opportunity to ask any and all questions you have about your case and receive a host of information relating to strategy and possible outcomes. Our consultations are offered at a reduced rate and must be paid first, to set and secure your consultation time. 
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Outcome and Expectations

What Makes Us Different


Spending meaningful quality time with your children is important to us. If you are seeking more than just the standard ‘every other weekend visits,’ Family Matters Law Group will push to get you more frequent and extended periods of time with your children.
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You have given blood, sweat and tears to obtain all of the assets you have and without any help of a significant other. We fight to protect those assets that you have worked hard for. If your spouse has their own business and is attempting to deceive the court. We help to uncover hidden assets that you may be entitled to.
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Sometimes it is not about the outcome of your case. What may be most important, is the right to have your matter heard and fairly considered by the Court. Not only does Family Matters Law Group empathize and hear your concern, but we allow you the platform of having your day in court.
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Naturally, the process of litigating matters of the heart can be emotionally, mentally, and financially taxing. Family Matters Law Group does not just take your case, we take you. We understand that you may need someone to talk to, advice to guide you, or just the reassurance that everything is going to be okay. We are excited about helping you reach new happiness, new normal, a new you!
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Our Mission, Our Logo

Mission: Family Matters Law Group represents the very essence of excellence and expertise in the practice of family law. Our team is dedicated to the desires of our clients, while simultaneously managing client expectations alongside the realities of the laws that govern family law. Our performance is carried out through the detail-specific attention that our team gives to every case and our insatiable drive to compete and perform in and out of Court. It does not require much effort to give client’s “cookie cutter” or standard results; for that reason, Family Matters Law Group prides itself on going above to fight for the results that our clients deserve.

Logo Methodology: How does our logo represent Family Matters Law Group? Fighting for the rights of our clients takes a tremendous amount of strength and fortitude. Our logo ties three important elements together, the sword to strike, a shield to defend, and a person who will be protected. Can you see it? All of these parts, together, emulate the strength of this firm, our strategical methodology, and the detailed attention that is given to each client’s case.





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