Our Atlanta family law services include areas such as divorce, custody, legitimation, and more. While you cannot become legally separated in Georgia, you can often resolve issues by working with an experienced divorce attorney. We are dedicated to helping you fight for your rights as a parent. Speak with a family lawyer by contacting us today.


In an ideal world, when it becomes apparent that two people cannot be together any longer, they would both sit down and peacefully work out a joint agreement as to alimony, property, and the support and custody of the children. Believe it or not, some people are able to do this, and it is certainly the quickest, most cost-effective way of handling a divorce. 

However, we don’t live in an ideal world, so often people need to go to court to resolve their differences. With so much riding on a divorce proceeding, now is not the time to represent yourself or try to make major decisions on your own. Family Matters Law Group has years of experience with contentious divorce proceedings, and we fight for our clients when their children, assets and money are under attack.

Our combination of aggressive but fair negotiating, evidence-based arguments, and savvy legal strategies can make the difference between a losing case and a strong, positive outcome. Our divorce lawyers and family court attorneys are here, ready to help.


Custody decisions typically involve a lot of stress for parents. Even though the relationship with their former partner is over, the relationship with the children is a lifelong one. It’s always great to see a couple who can work out a custody arrangement on their own, and in this case, we encourage you to come to our office so we can make the arrangement a formal one to avoid disputes. 

However, if you are locked in a custody battle, Family Matters Law Group has the experience and legal know-how to fight for you and your family. Our Atlanta custody lawyers believe strongly in a gender-neutral custody hearing, where the gender of the custodial parent takes a backseat to what is in the best interest of the child. This is the time when you need a strong voice and clear, convincing evidence to give you the best chance at a favorable outcome.


Legitimation is the second half of the burden of proof that an unwed father must provide to the court in a child custody case. Whereas paternity establishes that the father is the actual parent of the child, legitimation shows the father has played a significant role in the child’s life and is thus entitled to custody rights. Without legitimation, only the mother has any legal custody rights. 

Family Matters Law Group has helped numerous fathers prove both paternity and legitimation. We know the kinds of evidence that will help show the court a significant investment in the life of the child. Even if you have not been a regular part of the child’s life, a family matters attorney can help you to get partial rights so that you can begin to establish the caring, paternal relationship that every child needs.


Paternity is one of the two main components necessary for any father to prove whether he will seek custody of his children. Establishing paternity in Georgia involves proving that you are indeed the biological father of the child. In an ideal world, providing a birth certificate provides ample evidence of paternity. 

However, there are times when paternity gets more complicated. What if you are not listed on a birth certificate and need to prove paternity? What if another father is claiming paternity? What if you need to present genetic testing to the court as part of a paternity claim? With so much riding on a successful claim (child support as well as custody), it’s time to hire Family Matters Law Group to guide you through the process, so there is no question that you are the father of the child. Work with a paternity lawyer for family matters to get the results you are looking for.


So often in a custody proceeding, with all the issues that need to be worked out for the mother and father, it’s easy to forget that another set of people have a vested interest in the wellbeing of the child: the grandparents. Grandparents have rights in a custody case, too.
If you are the grandparents of a child whose parents are separating, and you want to ensure that you receive visitation rights, you need to contact an attorney. 

Many grandparents play a significant role in their grandchild’s life. In some instances, they are already serving as a de facto primary caregiver. Since the court is interested in making a decision based on what is in the child’s best interest, it is only logical that a grandparent who plays a significant role in the child’s life has a voice. Family Matters Law Group can help ensure that grandparents don’t get lost in the shuffle of a custody hearing. We know what an important role you play and are ready to fight for you.


So, you’ve been through all the hassle of a divorce hearing and a custody case. You’re ready to move forward with your new life and help raise your children in a positive, nurturing atmosphere. There’s just one problem – your former spouse is not following through with their end of the deal, or the original order from the court is no longer doable given changed circumstances. 

In either of these situations, it’s time to go back to court. You don’t have to suffer through an agreement that is breaking the bank or creating significant hurdles in your life. Our Atlanta family lawyers can get a support or custody agreement modified. Likewise, you don’t have to suffer with an ex who is determined not to obey the court. The judge needs to know if your former partner is in contempt. Don’t suffer in silence; contact Family Matters Law Group, and our family court attorneys will help make the appropriate changes in your situation.


Now that you have taken the time to educate yourself on who we are, it’s time to focus on how to move forward in your case. Contact us via phone or the contact form to schedule your comprehensive one-hour consultation. Be sure to have available, all relevant information and details about your case when you contact Family Matters Law Group so that we can provide you with an exceptionally personalized experience.


Family lawyers deal with issues concerning custody, divorce, child support, parenting time, alimony and a host of other family law issues.
A family lawyer is like various models of cars, the great ones are worth the value spent and the not so great ones are also worth the value spent. Hiring a family lawyer falls in the same proverbial saying “you get what you pay for.”
Family lawyers fees vary based on the type of case and the issues being handled. A family law attorneys hourly rate May range from $250 to $600 per hour.