4 Reasons Why You Need A Divorce Attorney

You may be tempted to cut corners on your divorce. Unfortunately, the advice you get in a book (Divorce For Dummies, anyone?) or over the Internet can lead to huge issues in court. There are 4 reasons why having an experienced attorney can make a difference in the outcome of your divorce case.

Expertise and Knowledge

Your primary goal in your divorce case is to make sure you get a fair settlement, to receive everything you deserve. Georgia law requires an equitable distribution of assets. That doesn’t mean that assets will be divided equally. Also, keep in mind that some assets such as retirement income or proceeds from a joint IRA are assets that will be divided in the future. It’s important you hire someone with the expertise and knowledge to help make this distribution as fair as possible.

Having an expert on your side can also help with a complicated divorce. Sometimes divorce cases get bogged down on child support, custody, complicated asset arrangements, future assets, and other issues related to money. You can easily find yourself in over your head if you’re not careful. To fully protect your interests, you need to hire an experienced divorce attorney.

Mistakes Can Be Costly

It’s very easy to make a major mistake when trying to handle your divorce on your own. You’re in a high stress situation trying to navigate a legal system that is quite complicated. All it takes to do major damage to your case is make a simple error. Perhaps you forgot to mention a significant source of debt (for example, a credit card) or you undervalue or overvalue a particular asset. Either case can lead to headaches later on.

Making a mistake in a divorce case can cost you big money or result in even more appearances in court to try and fix things. If you have an attorney you know that you have someone to catch mistakes before they happen.

A Faster Resolution

In any court case, but especially in a divorce, there are numerous forms and documents that need to be filed as well as evidence that must be documented accurately and presented to the judge. Without an attorney, it’s easy for a lay person to make a mistake somewhere in the paper trail. Those mistakes often need to be fixed which will cause delays in your hearing.

If your goal is to get your divorce completed as quickly as possible so that you can move on, an attorney can make sure that everything if documented, filed, and submitted to the court accurately and promptly.

Stress Reduction

Divorce is stressful for everyone. By trying to handle your divorce on your own, you are making a decision that is sure to magnify your stress levels significantly. With an attorney, other than providing information, you can rest easy knowing they are taking care of everything else. You can take care of yourself and your children knowing that your attorney is handling all of the legal work.

You need a divorce attorney. It can make things so much easier, reduce mistakes, and provide a better pathway to the divorce settlement that you deserve. If you are in the Atlanta metro area, especially Henry, Clayton, or Fayette counties, and are looking to hire a family law attorney, contact Family Matters Law Group today either online or by phone. We’re ready to hear your story and fight hard for your children and your assets!