5 Things To Expect In A Toxic Divorce

Every divorce begins with pain. Accusations begin to fly. Whether it’s an accusation of money mismanagement or marital infidelity, or maybe the stress of a traumatic event, divorce always begins with some degree of hurt. 

As custody agreements are written, visitation schedules are set, and the property gets divided, there may still be a level of animosity and numerous heated discussions, but, in most cases, civility wins out and the animosity levels decrease over time. Often, for the sake of the children, both parties figure out some way to communicate and, in the best of outcomes, both parties remain friends.

Toxic divorces are different. In a toxic divorce, not only is one party decidedly uncooperative but actually goes out of their way to cause chaos and mischief. They are out to make their ex hurt and do so for a long period of time. 

What should you expect from a spouse who will not let things go, who deliberately sets out to be as hostile and manipulative as they can be?

A Long Drawn Out Legal Battle

In a toxic divorce, you should expect a lengthy, drawn-out legal battle. Your toxic spouse is probably going to hire a toxic attorney who is going to do everything they can to throw up legal hurdle after legal hurdle just to slow progress down.

Toxic attorneys like to enable every allegation that your spouse makes, drown the proceedings in legal paperwork, and make any effort to negotiate near impossible. 

The solution to this is to hire a smart, strategy-oriented attorney that has experience dealing with toxic divorce situations!

Toxic Divorce and Hidden Assets

In a toxic divorce, one spouse will do everything they can to hide assets to deprive the other party of what is rightfully and fairly theirs. This scenario is most likely when only one spouse has had responsibility for the finances in the household and can correctly assume that they are the only one who knows where all the money is.

Again, it’s important to hire an attorney who has experience finding hidden assets and knows how to effectively request documents from the opposing party.

War — Electronic Style

We live in a world of text messages and emails. With the click of a button, it’s easy for someone to spread toxic messaging to your friends, co-workers, even your children. Toxic people love electronic communications as it allows them 24/7 access to a communication medium that is sure to make you upset and angry.

Remember, that in a toxic divorce, electronic communications aren’t about delivering valuable information — it’s just another way to rattle your cage and keep you on the defensive.

A Whole Lot Of Drama

Toxic people love drama. So you can expect a lot of it. The messaging from your toxic ex will be how bad or crazy you are because the goal will be to try and get as many people on their side as possible.

Unfortunately, the children won’t be immune either. Trying to get the kids to turn on you is a common tactic. Don’t be surprised if you are painted as a bad parent.

Wear and Tear On A Daily Basis

Going through a toxic divorce will wear any sane person down. You may have trouble focusing, and may experience difficulties eating and sleeping. You might be on edge frequently, waiting for the next aggressive manipulative broadside from your ex.

This blog has been negative, but if you’re in a fight for your family and your assets, you need to know what may be coming. Hopefully, your divorce goes a lot smoother, but sometimes, they don’t.

Dealing With a Toxic Divorce

Your best defense against all this negativity is a firm, strategy-oriented attorney with experience. An attorney like Edidiong Aaron at Family Matters Law Group has experience dealing with toxic exes and the harm they cause. A good attorney can help you fight, can counter flame-throwing moves from another attorney, and can provide reassurance as things heat up. It’s your best defense (and offense) in a toxic divorce.

If you’re heading for a toxic divorce, contact Family Matters Law Group today. We have helped clients in Henry, Clayton, and Fayette counties, as well as across the Atlanta metro area. We’re ready to fight for you and help you win your toxic divorce. Schedule a consultation today.