6 Things You Should Never Say During A Divorce

Conventional wisdom says that men are prone to getting angry and losing their cool during a divorce. They wear their emotions on their sleeve and take everything personally. If this describes you, you’re in for a rough ride.

Winning a divorce case is all about keeping your cool and thinking through things before acting. Your ex may be getting under your skin and tempting you to get mad and go off, but you need to remember that one wrong thing said or done will most assuredly come back to haunt you in court. Get mad if you want, but you’ll pay for it later.

Having said that, here are six things you should never say during a divorce.

My New Girlfriend Treats Me So Much Better Than You

Are you looking for a surefire way to make your ex mad and make them fight harder against you? Then, go ahead and throw up your new relationship in her face. Trying to make your ex feel jealous does nothing except make you look smug and petty.

A common tactic during a divorce to make the other party feel bad is to start throwing out lists of shortcomings with a declaration of how much better things are now with a new partner. Resist the temptation and quit throwing gasoline on the fire.

I Had An Affair

Likewise, admitting that you were cheating in an effort to make her feel bad is a huge mistake. Aside from the ethics of cheating on your spouse, the court pays attention to allegations of marital infidelity. An admission like this could very well cost you dearly when it comes to splitting up marital property and can even affect a custody decision. You definitely need to keep this information to yourself.

I Give. Just Go Ahead: Take It All!

Say this and you’re liable to lose an attorney as well as all your assets. There’s no denying that a hostile divorce can be draining and exhausting. However, that’s not a reason to give up. Surrender is not an option!

Your attorney is fighting hard for you to get your fair share of the marital property and to give you a chance at meaningful custody. Don’t throw it away by deciding to take the easy way out.

I’m Leaving

It’s understandable that you want to get a head start on your new life by moving out and starting fresh. However, if you leave, you may be giving your ex the advantage when it comes to property division and custody. After all, you walked away, right?

Your attorney will most likely tell you to delay any major action like this until after property and custody have been decided.

You Know The Kids Hate You?

During a divorce, the most important consideration is the wellbeing of the children. To that end, studies have shown that having a relationship with both parents is the healthiest option, regardless of how you feel about your ex. At the end of the day, she is still the mother of your children. Leave the children out of it when you get mad.

Threats, Cursing, and Other Hostilities

You’re so mad that you want to make some threats or curse her out? Well, if you want to lose your case, this is a great way to start. Threats of violence will always be taken seriously by the court, and are liable to get you charged. Getting arrested is a sure fire way to lose a custody case.

Likewise, cursing your ex out or engaging in a bunch of yelling and screaming only gives her reason to report to the court how out of control your behavior is. Keep your cool — and document every instance that your ex fails to do so herself.

In a divorce or custody case, you would be surprised how one wrong word or deed can affect the outcome, especially if the case is a hostile one. Keep your cool and talk to your attorney if your ex is getting under your skin.

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