A Lawyer Who Believes in Your Case vs. One Who Will Simply Take It

Individuals seeking legal representation and assistance from a family law attorney should try to work only with lawyers they feel believe in their cause. Finding a lawyer who has interest in pursuing your case and who sees a possible winning strategy for your desired outcome can potentially increase your chances of success. They can also work more closely with you to pursue that desired outcome, regardless of the extra effort it may take.

Unfortunately, some lawyers practicing family law do not openly and honestly disclose their professional opinions regarding the cases likelihood of success . They may simply agree to take a case in order to stay busy. Regardless of the fact that they believe their case has little chance of succeeding, they humor their client and literally go through the motions until the most common legal options are exhausted.

This point — when the most obvious and direct paths lead to a dead end — is where the difference between lawyers who believe in a case versus those who have no interest in it becomes unmistakably obvious. Lawyers who actually care about the outcome will do everything they can to give ensure that their client’s expectations are met–this also means properly managing the client’s expectations. A lawyer who believes in your case is going to give you something more than the “cookie cutter” or just average results.  

Identifying lawyers that care about your situation and genuinely want you to succeed is tough, but they are certainly out there. To help you locate a family law attorney in Georgia, in Atlanta and its surrounding metro counties such as Clayton, Henry, or Fayette, that is capable of giving your case as much effort, focus, and personal attention as possible, you should look for the following signs.

They Seem Confident That Your Side of the Story Is Accurate

The first sign that your lawyer believes in your case is that they don’t equivocate when discussing case details with you. While no lawyer can know every detail about a situation with 100% certainty, lawyers who aren’t convinced of their client’s view of matters may constantly try to acknowledge two possibilities.

They may say things like “so when she allegedly left without giving you any notice” or “if what you say is true, then…”.  While a good lawyer will acknowledge all perspectives in a situation in order to predict how the court may view matters, the lawyer that believes in your case does not  repetitively doubt you.

Signs that they are confident in the righteousness of your cause include listening attentively, recalling details accurately, and being able to predict your mindset by way of empathy. An attorney who can forge a strong connection like this with their client is more likely to go out of their way and pay closer attention to important details like how to phrase testimony, potentially improving their client’s chances of success.

Your Family Law Attorney Feels Compassion for Your Situation

Lawyers see all sorts of things you would not believe, but ones who deeply agree with their client’s cause will still be able to express thoughtfulness and sympathy at appropriate moments. They may, for instance, ask how a rare visit went between a parent with limited custody and their child. They may also help coach their client through nerves, or prepare them for blows like an unfavorable verdict.

All of these duties may still be executed by a lawyer who is just taking your case because they can, but they will seem less heartfelt and genuine. They may even neglect your emotions during crucial times because they are concerned about performing their duties and then moving on to the next obligation as quickly as possible.

Your case deserves passion, personable respect and every ounce of extra effort it takes to improve your chances of achieving an outcome that’s favorable on your behalf. Don’t just find a lawyer who will punch a clock and perform their duties out of obligation; work with one who cares.

If you are interested in finding a compassionate family law attorney who will listen to your case and believe in your cause, consider the Family Matters Law group. We have experience with countless cases likely similar to yours, and we always remain honest and upfront about our client’s chances.

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