Adopting an Adult

Eddie and Danielle were always willing to share their home with a foster child (or several). Danielle wasn’t able to have children, so they poured their hearts and soul into caring for children making their way through a tough foster care system.

One child in particular really bonded with the couple. Marcus had had more than his fair share of struggles and it was tough going at first. But eventually, the three of them felt like a family and there were some really great times.

The day Marcus turned 18 was heartbreaking. Everyone knew that there would come a day that he would age out of foster care. But, no one realized it would mean the end of the family unit they had come to know and care deeply about.

Eddie and Danielle knew they wanted to adopt Marcus and legally be his parents. But, he was 18 and considered an adult. How do you go about adopting an adult in Georgia?

What Is Adult Adoption?

Adult Adoption

The answer is yes! You can adopt an adult in Georgia. If one adult has a longstanding relationship that functions as a parent-child, then Georgia law allows for this. Just as a parent adopting a child, an adult adoption allows for legal recognition of the relationship and a sense of family.

There are several reasons why you might consider adopting an adult. Whether you are foster parents like Eddie and Danielle and you would like to formally adopt a former foster child or a stepparent who wants to adopt a stepchild but could not do so due to biological parent’s rights, adult adoption may be an option for you.

By adopting an adult, you gain certain legal rights. Both parties can now make healthcare decisions and visit each other if hospitalized. The adopted adult can receive an inheritance and social security benefits in case something happens to the other party.

The biggest benefit, however, comes from creating a family unit. It’s a celebration of your commitment and love for the adult you wish to adopt.

The Process of Adopting an Adult

Obviously, the first step towards adopting an adult is to get permission to start the process from the adoptee. As long as the person getting adopted agrees to the process, then you have a legal right to proceed in the state of Georgia.

Since the adoptee is an adult, there isn’t a need to terminate anyone’s parental rights or do home visits to ascertain whether a parent is suitable. Adopting an adult can actually go quicker and smoother than the adoption of a child.

Your most important step will be to hire an attorney who can help guide you through the legal process. You will need to obtain consent from the adoptee in writing, file a motion with the court for adult adoption, then go before a judge and get an official ruling. Once the adoption is approved, you are now officially the parent of the other adult.

If you are interested in adopting an adult in Henry, Clayton, or Fayette counties, contact Family Matters Law Group and let us help explain your options. We’ve been a successful family law practice for many years serving clients across the Atlanta area. We’re ready to hear your story and be of service.