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Going through a divorce can be a challenging, painful experience, especially if you don't have an effective attorney. By hiring an experienced Atlanta divorce lawyer, you’ll have someone on your side to help settle disagreements, fight for your best interests, and help resolve any matters related to children. At Family Matters Law Group, we connect you with one of our family law attorneys to help guide you through this process. 


Does Family Matters Law Group Specialize in Divorce? 

Our team of attorneys specializes in divorce as well as other related family matters. We understand how important it is that you find a lawyer you can relate to and trust. An Atlanta divorce lawyer that focuses on not only divorce but also other family law matters, will help you feel comfortable while fighting for your best interests and being an effective advocate. Check out our Atlanta divorce attorney ratings and reviews to see that our record speaks for itself. 


What About Child Custody? 

In a divorce that involves children, you can be assured that Family Matters Law Group can adequately represent you in matters relating to child custody and child support. When it comes to Atlanta divorce lawyers, our team is ready to help calculate the appropriate payment for child support and ensure the children's needs are met without becoming a burden to the parent making the payment. 

Child custody matters tend to be the most challenging and most stressful part of any divorce. It’s essential to fight for custody that meets the child’s needs, including mental, physical, educational, and moral. Part of child custody negotiations includes deciding when the child will be with each parent in any given custodial arrangement. Family Matters Law Group has a gender-neutral team and fights for the child's best interest, whether it be with the father, mother, or time between the two.

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What About Property Division and Asset Protection?

During a divorce, you want to make sure you are represented fairly when protecting your assets and dividing any shared property. An effective Atlanta divorce attorney will be able to help protect your financial interest, value any real estate holdings, and work through any prenuptial arrangement settlements. When it comes to dividing property, Family Matters Law Group can help fairly divide up any retirement or 401k accounts as well as the home and other assets. Establishing a post-divorce life can be easier for both parties if the property is split fairly. 


What About Alimony?

Alimony payments can be ordered to a former spouse to maintain a lifestyle they’re accustomed to before the split. While alimony isn’t a guarantee, one of our Atlanta divorce lawyers can help calculate a fair amount for you or tell you whether or not your ex-spouse is asking for an amount that’s not fair. Family Matters Law Group is knowledgeable about alimony laws and will do everything possible to either help you pay or receive adequate spousal support. 

If you find yourself searching for an Atlanta divorce attorney, we hope you give us a chance. For more information or to schedule your free consultation, reach out to us at Family Matters Law Group. This information helps us get a background on your case and enables you to decide if we’re the right team to fight for you. 


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