Co-Parenting Ideas to Make Valentine’s Day Special

Valentine’s Day is about showing your loved ones how much they mean to you. Whether you’re showing your children or helping them show others, developing a way to do this in a co-parenting situation doesn’t have to be challenging. Taking the time to be a good role model for your children starts with small acts of kindness, and what better time to start than now. Check out these nine co-parenting ideas to make Valentine’s Day special this year.

1. Make Homemade Cards

While store-bought cards can be easier for those classroom parties, a homemade card from your child offers sentiment that others don’t. Helping your child make cards for those special ones in their life, such as their other parent, grandparents, and siblings, can be a fun way to celebrate the holiday.

You can get some colorful paper in pink, red, and white and cut fun shapes. Folding the card a particular way may allow the card to hold a special treat such as a lollipop or other candy treat. You can paint, add some glitter, or even add some easy stitching for more detail. Your children will remember this, and recipients will be glad your child thought of them.

2. Let Your Children Get Their Other Parent a Gift

While you and your ex-partner may not have worked out, they’re still your child’s parent. Letting your child pick them out a small gift will show your child that love is always love and you support their relationship with the other parent. Make sure the gift is clearly from the child, but this is a great idea that can be as simple as a stuffed animal or something thoughtful such as a picture frame with a photograph of the two of them together that your child picked out.

3. Get Your Child a Special Gift

Whether or not you have someone special in your life, getting your child a special gift for the holiday will help them know that you care. If you have a larger purchase, such as a phone, you could coordinate the purchase with your co-parent and present it as a gift from each of you.

A gift doesn’t have to be big to mean something, though. Anything would be great to show your love. Art supplies, books, or a new toy they want are sure to make you a hit this Valentine’s Day. We are confident the wonder of the Christmas gifts is starting to wear off by now, so treat them to something they will love.

4. Plan a Festive Meal

While your day to have your children might not fall directly on Valentine’s Day, you can plan a festive meal on one of the surrounding days. You can get dressed up in something fancy, dresses or suits and high-heels or dress shoes, and put together pretty place settings for a lovely at-home dinner with your children. You can make it truly feel like they’re on a date by having something special such as steak and lobster or a freshly prepared pasta.

5. Don’t Forget Dessert

A special Valentine’s Day celebration wouldn’t be complete without dessert! You can include the kids, make chocolate-covered strawberries, decorate sugar cookies, or even bake a cake. Cooking together makes some of the best memories, and whipping up something sweet is perfect for this holiday.

If time is short, order something instead! Let them help you pick, so they know what’s coming and will be even more excited when it arrives. If you’re feeling generous, you could let them pack up a little box to take home when they return to their other parent’s house as a solid way to end the holiday. Everyone is full, happy, and loved. You can’t beat that.

6. Play Games

No matter what your Valentine’s Day is looking like this year, playing games is a sure way to brighten the mood. You can dig through your game closet and drag out your favorite board games or even head out and buy some new ones. Several adult games now have children’s versions to keep them family-friendly. This is a great way to get in some one-on-one time, especially with a hectic co-parenting schedule.

7. Keep It Simple

If this is your first Valentine’s Day as a single parent and you aren’t really up to this heart-filled holiday, that’s okay too. You can order some pizza, grab some other snacks, and spend the evening at home, keeping it simple. Cuddle up with the kids and turn on a new movie. A lot of films are available early these days, which is a huge bonus.

8. Pamper Yourself

If nothing else is resonating with you, it’s time to pamper yourself. You can also combine this idea with any of the ones mentioned above for an at-home Valentine’s Day that you and your kids are sure to remember. Grab some face masks from the store, give yourself a pedicure, and enjoy a hot tea or maybe a little wine? Just relax and enjoy this time.

If you’ve got the extra time, you could also schedule an appointment and treat yourself to a massage at your favorite spa. Kids usually love to do these more adult activities, and it would give you some intimate bonding time that you might not have splurged on otherwise.

9. Invest in Yourself!

If you aren’t happy, then nobody will be. Taking some time out during this busy season is a great way to invest in yourself and make sure your kids have the best parent possible. Be your own Valentine. Go out and buy yourself that new espresso machine or outfit that you’ve been wanting. Stay at home and run yourself a hot bath and relax. No matter what you do, spend some time investing in yourself this year as well.

Hopefully, one of these ideas, if not more, will be something you and your family can implement to make Valentine’s Day special for your children. If you need assistance with your co-parenting situation, reach out to the team of Atlanta divorce attorneys at Family Matters Law Group in Clayton County and Henry County, Georgia. Our expert team is here to help you.