Six Feet Apart: Divorce and Co-parenting During Covid-19

Even in the best-case scenario, divorce is a huge stressor. But now, there are additional forms of stress due to Covid-19. Most courts are not open to hear cases in person. There may be significant delays in the filing, as paperwork could be backlogged by court employee layoffs or by court clerks working from home in a reduced capacity. Your patience and resolve may be tried and tested repeatedly during this process. You may have to gather up all your inner strength to get through it, but you will not be alone. Family Matters Law Group knows the struggles you’re facing and can navigate your path through a divorce, so you can come out on the other side, and make a fresh new start. 


Co-parenting During Covid-19

Covid-19 means that you’re now confronted with completely new challenges in co-parenting. This is true in the cases of parents who are already living in separate households, or those who have been forced to remain under the same roof due to Covid-19. All at once, families of separation or divorce are facing changes to routine, and perhaps to visitation schedules too. 

Due to these disruptions, co-parents need to band together as best as they’re able to, in order to minimize upheaval. Dual parental support during this period of adjustment is vital. Children may be dealing with new schedules, and new forms of schooling online. Moreover, understanding the sudden need for wearing masks in public and keeping six feet of distance from others can be very confusing for younger children, and they’ll need more support and nurturing during this time.

Despite the issues you may have with your ex, doing your best to put divorce-related issues aside when actively co-parenting is the best thing you can do for the well-being of your children.


Living Arrangements: Isolated Alone or Quarantined Together?

It can be rough enough to be separated from your children if one parent is at higher risk, and has to sacrifice in-person visitation with the children, but what if Covid-19 has forced you and your soon-to-be-ex into remaining in the same household, due to economic loss, illness, homeschooling or some other aspect of life that has been impacted by Covid-19? 

How can you cope with the proximity to the person with whom you have shared a life, and made a family, now that you have decided you no longer want to be married to them? It’s definitely not an easy proposition, especially with more time being spent at home to lower everyone’s risk of contracting Covid-19; or spreading it, if anyone in your household is battling the illness. 

As difficult as it may be to get physical space from your ex, strive to create virtual space. Take time for you. Time spent tending to your own self-care will do you a world of good, and ensure that you’re also a better co-parent to your kids. Find a new hobby, or take the time to return to one you’ve enjoyed in the past, such as reading, crafting, cooking, taking a socially distanced hike, or a walk in the park.


Welcome to Virtual Court

Technical snags often plague online court appearances. Your judge has finally managed to log in, but she’s accidentally muted herself. You connect, but then your Wi-Fi cuts out, and you get bumped off. You don’t want to have to be in the same room as your ex during an emotional hearing, but the signal is stronger in his office, so you end up having to appear on camera together. 

With divorce and co-parenting during Covid-19, there’s no end to things that can go wrong, but if you stick it out, it’ll be worth it, and you’ll be able to complete your divorce proceedings. It just may require a bit of patience during a learning curve with forms of technology you may have never used before, but you will get through it! And your local Henry County GA family law attorney practice, Family Matters Law Group, will be there throughout the process, to help you every step of the way.