Do I Need A Family Law Attorney?

When it comes to family law, there seems to be a lot of confusion about whether an attorney is actually necessary. Many people don’t think their issue is that serious. Others think they can handle their court case on their own without paying for an attorney.

Trust us: if there is a legal issue that affects your family, your assets, or your money, you need an attorney. There is too much at stake to trust that you can handle a court case on your own. Hiring a qualified, expert family law attorney can make the difference between winning or losing your case.

Dealing With Family Can Be Hard

Anytime there is a family issue, whether it’s a split, a negotiation, or a lawsuit, things can get frayed easily. After all, here are people you have spent a considerable amount of time with, and now you find yourself on opposite ends of a disagreement. It’s hard, in those circumstances, to keep your cool and make the best decisions.

That’s why a family attorney can help. Hiring a lawyer allows you to trust that a third party is fighting for your best interests. That brings some peace of mind and allows you to keep your calm knowing that you have a voice in a difficult situation.

What Does A Family Law Attorney Do?

Family law attorneys stay very busy. After all, there are so many areas that they deal with on a regular basis. Typically, a family law practice handles:

  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Separate maintenance agreements
  • Divorce
  • Asset division, including property settlements
  • Child and domestic abuse issues
  • Child custody
  • Adoptions
  • Grandparent rights
  • Non-traditional partnerships
  • IVF disputes

With so many areas to cover under family law, it’s understandable that not every attorney will have comprehensive experience in all areas. It’s vital that you have clear goals in your initial consultation so that you can make sure that your attorney’s practice is a good fit.

Managing Expectations

There’s one thing you should expect when dealing with a family law attorney: clarity. There should be clarity about what they can help you with, and clarity with your family once your case is completed.

That is not to say that you will get the outcome that you want. No one can guarantee that. Your lawyer can hear your story, look at your supporting documentation, and give you an idea of how strong your case is and whether you should go to court. They can also file motions and other paperwork and explain the content of those documents clearly in a way you can understand.

You’re not hiring someone who can guarantee you a win. You are hiring someone to be your voice in court, who will fight hard for your best interests, who will give you the absolute best chance of winning your case. You won’t have that advantage trying to handle your case on your own.

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