Stockbridge Family Law Attorneys

Fighting for the right to see your child or to get sufficient financial support for the child you care for can be extremely difficult and stressful. No one understands that better than we do at Family Matter Law Group, your Stockbridge family law office. Our family law attorneys have years of experience in assisting parents gain custody as well as fair and equitable child support. Our specialty is those cases that often seem unwinnable, such as getting custody for non-custodial parents and modifications to child support.

We believe in fighting for the best interests of the children and the family unit as a whole, and we choose cases accordingly.

Father’s Rights Attorneys

It’s often assumed that primary custody, where the child physically lives a majority of the time, is given to the mother while the father gets some visitation. However, the law is actually gender-neutral and is required to grant primary custody to the parent who can provide and best serve the interests of the child(ren).

If you’re a Stockbridge area father that can provide stability and a loving, healthy environment for your child(ren), let our father’s rights attorneys at Family Matter Law Group assist you in gaining primary custody. As a father, you also deserve the right to be involved in the decision making for the child(ren), and we can help make sure that you get joint legal custody, so you have an equal share in all decision making.

Family Law Attorneys

As much as everyone would like to work together and come to an agreement in the best interest of the child(ren), that’s not always possible. We utilize aggressive yet fair negotiation tactics, arguments based on evidence, coupled with intelligent legal strategies to get a positive outcome for you and your family.

Custody decisions can be a very trying ordeal. If you’re caught in a custody battle, Family Matters Law Group, serving the Stockbridge area, has the experience and legal insight to get what’s fair for all parties involved, regardless of the gender of the parent.

Paternity and legitimation are burdens of proof that unwed fathers must provide in a custody case. Paternity is proof of the actual biological component of fatherhood, while legitimation is showing evidence of the father playing a substantial role in the child(ren)’s life.

Stockbridge Divorce Lawyers

Divorce agreements do not always include alimony, typically only in large income disparate situations. Alimony is the payment to the former spouse so that he/she can continue to live in the manner to which they are accustomed prior to the divorce. Again, contrary to popular belief, this is also gender-neutral. Men can be granted alimony, too, just like women can. It all depends on the situation. Or maybe you are being asked for too much alimony? Your Stockbridge divorce lawyers at Family Matters Law Group can help you in either case to get an equitable solution.

Other Family Law Practice Areas

We can also help make sure child support orders are created fairly as not to create undue economic hardship while still providing for the best interests of the child(ren). Child custody, both legal and primary placement, can be a nightmare for parents. You need someone on your side who can speak on your behalf to all the needs of your child(ren), whether it be physical, mental, educational, religious, or moral, and do so from a gender-neutral stance.

Finally, assets and property division can also be significant points of contention. You deserve a qualified, knowledgeable attorney that can help you protect your rights as it pertains to all assets and property held by you and your ex-spouse and will fight for a fair and equitable distribution of assets and property.