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Getting the visitation rights with your child or equitable financial compensation for your child’s care can be an extremely frustrating time. Your Fayetteville family law office, Family Matters Law Group, understands that better than anybody. Our Fayetteville family law attorneys have years of experience helping parents get custody of their children, and our Georgia family law experts are well-versed in fighting for child support that’s fair and reasonable for all parties involved. 

Even if you think your case has no chance of success, we specialize in these types of cases, garnering equitable modifications to the child support order or even gaining primary placement for the non-custodial parent. We at Family Matters Law Group believe very strongly in protecting the children’s best interests first and foremost, with the family unit as a whole also considered, and will only accept cases that serve these interests.

Modifying Child Support

Father’s Rights

The consensus is that when parents split up or are not together initially, the mother’s automatically granted primary placement and the father gets visitation rights, usually every other weekend. However, there’s no such gender bias in the law, which in actuality requires the court to grant custody to the parent that provides the best place for the child to live. 

So, if you’re a father in and around Fayetteville seeking primary placement because you can provide the best environment for your child, the Family Matters Law Group wants to help you. We’re known for our Fayetteville father’s rights attorney services because we believe fathers have just as much right as mothers do to have an equal voice in the decision-making regarding their children and deserve to be a big part of their lives. Along those lines, we can help you get joint legal custody even if primary placement isn’t an option to ensure you have an equal voice.

Fayetteville Family Law Firm

It’s best if parents can work together and come to decisions and agreements on their own and willingly serve the best interests of their children. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out that way. We’ll implement an aggressive but fair negotiation strategy and utilize intelligent legal strategies and evidence-based arguments to ensure the best outcome for the children and family. These custody fights can be highly stressful but rest assured that Family Matters Law Group, serving the Fayetteville area, has the experience and expertise to make sure there’s a fair and equitable outcome independent of the gender of the parent. 

Unwed fathers have to meet two burdens of proof in a custody case, paternity and legitimation. Paternity refers to the biological aspect of fatherhood, while legitimation is proving you’re an active participant in the child’s life.

Modifying Child Support

Fayetteville Divorce Lawyers

Alimony is one aspect of divorce cases that may come into play and refers to a maintenance payment made from one former spouse to the other to have the same general quality of life. Alimony is usually only granted when there’s a significant income disparity between the two parties, such as one working and one staying home with the child. As mentioned with custody, alimony is also gender-neutral, with men being granted alimony as well. Perhaps you’re already paying alimony, and you feel it’s too much. In either case, Family Matters Law Group, your Fayetteville family law attorneys, will assist you in making sure you have an equitable solution. If you’re searching for the best divorce attorney for men, look no further! 

We can also assist you with getting a fair child support order that best meets the child’s needs without creating undue hardship on either party. Seeking legal custody or primary placement is a difficult time for all parties involved. In this trying situation, you need attorneys on your side who can fight to ensure the child’s moral, physical, educational, religious, and mental needs are being met regardless of the parent’s gender.

Property and asset division can also be a big point of contention in a divorce proceeding. We have the experience and legal judgment to ensure a fair and equitable division of all assets and property and protect your individual rights.


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