It’s Your First Holiday Season Post-Divorce

You got through your divorce and lived to tell the tale. However, you probably didn’t give a whole lot of thought to the holidays and divorce and how to handle them. 

As a newly single individual, the holidays can sometimes be a brutal reminder of what you’ve lost. It’s not uncommon for newly divorced people to feel sad or experience a sense of failure as they watch other couples celebrate the holiday season in grand style.

It’s OK to feel this way, but it’s also important to have coping strategies available for dealing with negative emotions as they arise. Always remember that the holidays are all about choices — you can choose where and how you spend your time.

Plan Ahead

If you’re used to spending holidays with your children, you will have a major adjustment to make. It’s important for you to plan ahead so that you don’t spend a significant amount of time in a depression-related funk.

The holidays are a great time to reach out to friends and family and let them know you will be spending this holiday solo. It’s important to reach out because oftentimes, people close to you won’t want to appear like they are being nosy or interfering. 

Just because you can’t spend the holidays with your children doesn’t mean you can’t have meaningful communication with them. Use technology — now might be the time to finally learn how to Skype, FaceTime, email, or the phone.  Be a great co-parent and you’ll be surprised at the response!

Take Care of Yourself

For newly single people, it’s easy to spend the holidays in a self-pity funk. However, you will feel so much better if you watch your diet and engage in some exercise during this stressful time. Examples of foods that can make anxiety symptoms worse include:

  • Sugar
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Red meat and poultry
  • Gluten-containing foods
  • Dairy products

By reducing your intake of these foods during the holidays, you can help keep some anxiety at bay. Exercise is also a great way to increase your endorphin levels and keep your stress levels down.

Adjust Your Expectations

There’s no law that says how you must spend your holidays. Give yourself the freedom to try new things, create new traditions, and take care of yourself.  With divorce comes a new chapter and a newfound sense of freedom, so go out and spend the holidays by doing things you’ve always wanted to do.

Family Matters Law Group knows how difficult the holidays can be for newly-divorced people.  One of the ways we try to make things easier for people going through a divorce is with our concierge service. Contact our office to find out how we can help you get through this stressful time.

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