Legal Snack: Child Support Services Sent Me A Letter!

In our ongoing Legal Snack series from Family Matters Law Group, we address topics of interest in bite-size snacks. These videos are a perfect way to introduce frequently discussed areas of family law and can be watched before your consultation in our office.

This month, attorney Edidiong Aaron focuses on what to do if child support services send you a letter. This letter usually involves discovery and a hearing on appropriate child support payments.

Let’s listen to Mrs. Aaron’s helpful legal advice:

Child Support Sent Me a Letter

In this video, Mrs. Aaron answered two huge questions for anyone who has received a letter from child support services. They were:

  • Do I need an attorney when I respond to the letter?
  • What happens if I ignore the letter or refuse to respond?

An Attorney Is Your Best Resource

If you get a letter from child support services, more than likely they want to get a clear picture of your financial situation, examine any relevant documentation that you might have, and hold a hearing to set an appropriate amount for child support payments.

While you may have a firm understanding of your financial situation, you may not be aware of factors, such as medical expenses or health insurance payments, that can affect a child support determination. An experienced attorney can help.

By bringing an experienced attorney with you to your hearing, you can rest easy knowing that your income will be calculated correctly, utilizing all the appropriate adjustments. A correctly calculated child support payment amount can make a world of difference to you financially, especially if you are responsible for the care of more than one child.

Ignore The Letter At Your Own Peril

It stands to reason that the worst thing you can do when faced with any legal issue is to ignore it and hope it goes away. Unfortunately, that is the response some parents choose to give when faced with a letter from child support services. They think by not responding, the process will be frozen. After all, how can the court calculate child support if they are not there to provide documentation or answer questions?

As Mrs. Aaron points out in the video, this is the worst possible response to a child support services letter in large part because they can proceed without you being there. Even if you are not in court, a child support order can still be enforced.

The goal of the hearing is not to protect your financial interests — it’s to maximize support for the child. This is not to say that you are against supporting your child, however, it’s only fair that your child support payment be calculated correctly and take into account other factors that may affect your ability to provide.

So, an attorney is your best option in case of a child support services letter. Don’t ignore it — hire an experienced, caring attorney that can represent your interests to the court

Family Matters Law Group has extensive experience in child support negotiations. If you have received a letter, and you are in Henry, Clayton, or Fayette Counties, or any metro Atlanta area, set up a consultation to speak with Mrs. Aaron by using our online contact form or calling (678) 545-2118. We’re ready to help you fight for a fair child support decision.