Legal Snack: What Happens After You Hire FMLG?

The Legal Snack videos from Family Matters Law Group are a quick way to learn about legal issues related to your case. By watching each video, you can be more informed and better equipped to participate in the preparation of your case. In this video, Mrs. Edidiong Aaron, founder, and owner of Family Matters Law Group tells you what happens after you hire FMLG as your attorney.

Let’s hear what Mrs. Aaron has to say:

Key Questions From This Legal Snack

In this short video, Mrs. Aaron answers one of the most frequently asked questions that new clients have: What happens after I hire Family Matters Law Group? That’s a very good question, especially if you have never filed for divorce before.

If You’re The Plaintiff

If you’re the plaintiff, you are the one filing for divorce. When you hire FMLG, within seven calendar days, the firm will draft the initial pleadings and documents in your case. Within eight days, the case will be filed in the appropriate court.

Keep in mind that, as the plaintiff, you have to allow your spouse, as the defendant, to respond to the filing. The law requires that we give your ex 30 days to respond to the divorce filing. So, we have to wait for their answer before proceeding with your case.

From that point, we can move forward with requests for mediation and begin to ask for relevant documents from the other party in order to get a better idea of what assets are involved and what the other party is looking for when it comes to custody.

If You’re The Defendant

If you’re the defendant, then you have already been served with notice that your spouse has filed for divorce. When you hire FMLG, within seven calendar days, we will draft your initial pleadings and documents with the court. In this case, we will be filing your answer to the original divorce petition. Within eight days, we will file officially in the appropriate court.

After filing, we can begin to move forward with requests for mediation and to secure asset records and other documents that will help us prepare our best case.

You’re Not Alone In This

We take pride in how we treat our clients. Early in the process, you will receive a road map so that you understand each step that will be taking place as well as a time frame so that you know how the process will play out.

While you are going through the steps on your road map, if you have any issues arise, such as transportation or childcare concerns, you are welcome to use our concierge service. Divorce is stressful, and we hope that by helping you out with day to day issues, you can be calm and collected in court.

You’ve made a great decision in hiring Family Matters Law Group and we look forward to a successful outcome as we fight for your family, your assets, and your money. Hopefully, you have a better understanding of what happens after you hire FMLG.

If you are in the metro Atlanta area, specifically Henry, Clayton, or Fayette counties, and you’d like to become a client, contact us online or by phone to set up an initial consultation. We’re ready to hear your story.