Legal Snack: What Is The Automatic Standing Order?

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We are often asked about the automatic domestic relations standing order (ADRSO). In this legal snack, we address what the ADRSO is and how it can help your case.

Here is Mrs. Edidiong Aaron, the owner, and founder of Family Matters Law Group:

The Key Question In This Legal Snack

In this video, Mrs. Aaron tells us what the automatic domestic relations standing order is and ways it can be used to protect your family.

What Is The Automatic Standing Order?

The ADRSO is a document that binds both parties in a divorce to commit to following through with actions deemed necessary by the court moving forward. It also prohibits certain actions while the divorce case is being resolved.

In the case of the person filing for divorce, the standing order takes effect as soon as they have filed and they must follow its instructions. As for the person getting served, the standing order takes effect as soon as they have received the order and they also must follow its instructions.

What Does the Standing Order Say?

Generally speaking, different jurisdictions may have different instructions in their standing orders. However, in general, an ADRSO is going to demand certain behaviors from all parties. 

Minors will need to stay within the geographical jurisdiction of the court unless otherwise given permission by a judge. There should be no threats, harassment, or intimidation from either party during the divorce and custody proceedings. Neither party is to commit a violation of civil or criminal statutes.

In essence, the ADRSO is designed to prevent vindictive or cruel behavior from either party. It can hold a party accountable in case they try to flee with a child, stop paying the mortgage or the utility payments or engage in illegal or uncivil behavior. Divorce can be rough when one party decides to get really hostile. An ADRSO sets the ground rules and holds everyone accountable when they break them.

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