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Fighting for adequate financial compensation for your child in your care or visitation rights can be one of the most challenging things to go through. At Family Matters Law Group, your local family law office, we understand that better than anyone. For many years, our Locust Grove family law attorneys have helped parents not only get custody of their child(ren) but child support that’s equitable and reasonable. 

We specialize in cases that may seem a lost cause, procuring fair changes to the child support order, and getting custody for non-custodial parents. At Family Matters Law Group, we stand up for the child(ren)’s best interests and the family as a whole and only accept cases that meet this criterion.

Modifying Child Support

Father’s Rights in Locust Grove, GA

Usually, the assumption is that primary placement, the parent with which the child physically resides most of the time, is granted to the mother. However, the law does not give precedence to either parent and must provide primary placement to whichever parent can provide the best environment for the child(ren). 

If you’re a Locust Grove area father that wishes to gain primary placement and can provide the best environment for the child(ren), we at Family Matters Law Group want to help you. Fathers deserve to be a part of their child(ren)’s lives and have a say in any decisions regarding the child(ren). We can also make sure you have joint legal custody even if you don’t have primary placement, so you’ll still have the legal right to be involved in decision-making. For a Georgia father’s rights attorney you can depend on, choose Family Matters Law Group.

Family Law

The best-case scenario is always that parents will come together in the child(ren)’s best interests and agree independently. Sadly, that is not always the case. We’ll be aggressive yet fair in the negotiations, present evidence-based arguments, along with intelligent legal strategies to make sure to get the best outcome for you and the family. Custody battles can be extremely stressful. The Locust Grove family law attorneys at Family Matters Law Group have the legal insight and requisite expertise to get an equitable outcome regardless of the parent’s gender. 

In a custody case, unwed fathers have two burdens of proof to meet, paternity and legitimation. Paternity refers to proving you are the biological father of the child. Legitimation is showing that you’re playing a significant role in the child(ren)’s life. If you’re looking for a family law attorney who will fight for your rights as a father, get in touch with us sooner than later!

Modifying Child Support

Locust Grove Divorce Attorneys

In an Atlanta divorce proceeding, alimony refers to the payment made by one former spouse to the other for that individual to continue to live in their accustomed manner. Alimony is not always included as part of a divorce proceeding, typically only being enacted if there’s a considerable income inequity between the divorcing spouses. This is also gender agnostic, and men can be granted alimony just as women can. Perhaps you’re being asked to pay alimony that’s too high. Either way, your Locust Grove area attorneys, Family Matters Law Group, can help you get a fair and balanced solution. 

Much like with alimony, we can help ensure the child support order is fair and equitable for both parties and does not create an undue financial burden on either party, yet still operating in the child(ren)’s best interests. Whether you seek legal custody or primary placement can be an extremely trying time for both parents. In this trying situation, you need a law firm on your team who will speak to the children’s physical, mental, educational, religious, and moral needs on your behalf and do so in a gender-neutral manner.


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