Managing Divorce Stress During Covid-19

If you’ve found yourself considering divorce, even just the thought can be stressful. If you’re already in the process, you’re now experiencing many of the things you anticipated and many things you never even considered. In the midst of a period that may already be one of the hardest seasons in your life, you have now been blindsided by Covid-19. On top of your marriage dissolving and your family structure altering, you’re facing a whole new set of issues that affect everything from how your divorce is handled by the courts, to the health and safety of your family.

So how can you begin to cope with all the stressors in your life during divorce and Covid-19?  Our Atlanta divorce attorneys are intimately familiar with many of the issues you’ll be facing during this difficult time and want to support you through this process. Let’s explore some coping strategies that you can use to lower your stress level.

Self-Care is Essential

First of all, you must take care of yourself. You won’t be able to get through this time of heightened stress if you neglect your own needs. If you have kids, they will need you to be as strong as you can be to care for them as well. Although you might feel like you’re being selfish by prioritizing your own well-being, you absolutely cannot afford to put yourself last on the list. During such a stressful time your self-care habits may suffer.

Some things to consider include:

  • Are you getting enough sleep?
  • How is your nutrition?
  • Do you have any creative outlets or hobbies to help you cope with frustration, anger, or sadness?
  • Do you have supportive friends or extended family you can turn to or a community organization or a faith community to rely on?

Mental Health is Vital

If you need more support at this time, seeking therapy may be a good idea if you’re dealing with feelings of depression, anxiety, or other mental health concerns. There’s nothing to be ashamed of if you need more help than you can give yourself. Divorce on its own is already considered to be among the top stressors, ranked up there with losing a loved one, losing a job, or making a big move. 

Please don’t minimize the impact this may be having on your emotional, mental, and physical well-being. Stress takes a toll on all your body’s systems. The increased anxiety and uncertainty caused by Covid-19 adds another set of difficulties.

Parenting from the Edge

If you’re a parent, you’re also dealing with trying to keep your kids safe during a time when school structure may have changed, and when a simple trip to the grocery store could mean exposure to Covid-19. When everyday errands become a potential source of peril, please know that you’re not alone in dealing with a possible increase in worry, anxiety, and depression. 

Even those who aren’t dealing with divorce or have never faced issues with their mental health are newly challenged by the sobering reality facing us. Society as a whole is going through more stress than ever before in our recent history. 

Caring For Your Body, Mind & Spirit

Here are some ways you can be gentle with yourself, and give yourself breaks from stress: 

watch a favorite TV show, catch up with a Netflix binge, and take a mental vacation from your current circumstances. Treat yourself to a delivery dinner. Get a massage. Try some simple stretches to work out the tension. Our bodies hold onto stress in our muscles, so try to stay aware if you’re tensing up your shoulders or neck and take a break to shake it out. 

Do some living room dancing, try yoga or another form of exercise. A simple search on Google or YouTube will yield tons of videos of exercise routines that you can follow for free right from your home. If you have kids, get them involved in a physical activity with you, and take a break together. Simple breathing exercises and meditation can also be helpful to calm your mind. Look into apps on Google Play or Apple Store to guide you if you’re new to meditation.  

Do you have a hobby or craft you enjoy? Now is the time to indulge in activities that make your spirit soar. If you enjoy reading, this is a great opportunity to dive into an escape between the pages of a book. 

Between dealing with the issues surrounding divorce, changes to your home life, and the tense state of the world right now, any opportunity to do something kind for yourself and your kids will help you manage your stress level and make it through with some peace of mind. Finally, if you’re in Henry County, Georgia, please don’t hesitate to call upon Family Matters Law Group for assistance with any issues you may be having relating to dealing with your divorce during Covid-19. Reach us for a consultation at 678-545-2118.