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Making sure you have adequate financial compensation for a child in your care or having proper visitation rights can be a challenging situation. Your McDonough family law office, Family Matters Law Group, understands your plight. We have years of experience in cases like this and can help you get custody of your child or a fair child support order. For the top family law attorneys in Georgia, trust Family Matters Law Group.
Modifying Child Support

Father’s Rights

It is often assumed in many custody cases that the mother will automatically get primary physical placement, and the father will get visitation rights, such as every other weekend. Even if this does happen frequently, the law offers no preferential consideration to the mother in custody cases. The courts are compelled by law to grant primary placement to the parent with the environment most suited to the children’s needs and best interests. 

If you’re a McDonough-area father and know you can provide a healthy, loving, and stable environment for your child, we’re here to assist you in gaining primary placement. Just because you’re the father does not mean that you have fewer rights than the mother. Even if a primary placement isn’t in the cards, we can also help you get joint legal custody to make sure you have an equal voice in the decisions made regarding your child. For an Atlanta father’s rights attorney you can depend on, give us a call: 678-545-2118

Child Custody Lawyers McDonough

The optimal situation would be both parents working together to decide for the child’s best interest. Unfortunately, that’s not possible in every situation. Bad feelings and emotions can prevent parents from working together. In that case, allow us to help you by using aggressive yet fair negotiation tactics, evidence-based arguments, as well as sound legal strategies to get the best outcome for you, the child, and the family as a whole. These custody issues tend to be difficult for both the parents and the children as well. 

In addition to the typical custody issues, unwed fathers also have additional burdens to prove, and that’s paternity and legitimation. Paternity refers to the biological component, while legitimation shows that the father plays a substantial role in the child’s life. Should you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being in a custody battle, Family Matters Law Group, a group of McDonough family law attorneys, has the legal acumen and requisite expertise to get an amicable solution best for the children and all those involved.

Modifying Child Support


While not always part of a divorce, alimony can be another issue to deal with during divorce proceedings. Usually, this is pursued when there is a significant disparity between the parents’ incomes. In that situation, the spouse with the larger income pays a monthly amount to the other spouse to live in the manner to which they are accustomed. Again, despite what many think, alimony is also gender agnostic, based only on incomes. Men can be awarded alimony just as well as women can. Or maybe you are being charged an unjustly high alimony amount. As a top divorce attorney for men’s rights in Georgia and a trusted McDonough area law firm, Family Matters Law Group can help you in any aspect of alimony.

McDonough Child Support Lawyers

We can also help you with child support orders to ensure they are fair and create no undue economic hardship on either party while still serving the child’s best interest. In both primary placement and legal custody battles, it can be a very stressful time. You need someone on your side who can help you navigate the process, defend the children’s rights, and serve their best interests, physical, educational, religious, moral, and mental well-being while approaching it from a gender-neutral perspective.
Modifying Child Support

Division of Property

Another possible point of contention in a divorce hearing is how to divide property and other assets. For this difficult issue, get an attorney with the experience and knowledge to make sure you get a fair settlement as you deserve. Division of property can mean many different things, such as real estate, vehicles, furniture, retirement accounts, and bank accounts. It’s crucial to have an experienced attorney with the requisite expertise on your team to make sure everything is included in the settlement and that the settlement is equitable.


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