Q&A With Family Matters Law Group

As we enter into 2020, you may be thinking that this is the year when a big change is in order. Perhaps you are thinking of a divorce, changes to a custody case or an adoption. You’ll need an experienced, caring attorney who specializing with family law in Atlanta to help.

As you research various law firms, you’ll probably have questions. In this blog, we’d like to take some time and answer some questions you might have about our firm, Family Matters Law Group.

What Makes Family Matters Law Group Stand Out?

It’s all about our approach. When it comes to your family, your money, or your assets, it’s important to have someone who will fight hard because so much is at stake. We have often heard from our clients that we go into “beast mode”, a reference to how hard we fight for their case.

One of the things you should know about our practice is we don’t take every case that walks in the door. We only take cases that we feel very strongly about, cases that are a good fit for our strengths. We especially like clients who know what they want and who have clear goals to work towards.

We’ve also developed a strong reputation for family law excellence throughout the Atlanta metro area. While we primarily see clients in Henry, Clayton, and Fayette counties based on our location, we successfully advocate for families across Atlanta. 

Do You Only Take Father’s Rights Cases?

The first thing you saw when you opened our website were the words “Father’s Rights”. That’s because many of our clients are fathers. It takes courage for a father to fight for his family in court. All too often, fathers believe that the courts will be biassed towards the mother and that they don’t have a chance of winning their case.

This is not true. The courts decide cases on the basis of what is in the best interests of the child. Research shows that a child is best served when they are allowed to develop a healthy relationship with both parents. So, we do stick up for father’s rights because we believe in doing what’s right for children and their parents. We want fathers to know that we have their back.

We love moms, too. Many of our clients are mothers who are looking for a fresh start for themselves and their children. Again, we take cases we believe in. Whether you are a mother or father, we want what’s best for your family and we’ll fight hard for you as our client.

What Are Concierge Services?

Going through a divorce or custody hearing is stressful and there is so much to juggle. Between keeping detailed records for documentation and making sure to be at all appointments and meetings (not to mention the extracurricular activities for the kids), it’s no wonder people start to feel burnt out.

Our concierge service is a way of calling for help when things get hectic. We work with numerous providers in the community to help with all manner of day to day needs, so you can focus on the things that are most important to you and your court case.

Simply let our office know how we can help. It’s our way of making sure you’re at your best even in the middle of a legal storm.

What’s My First Step?

Once you’ve had a chance to really think about what you want to see happen in court and are prepared to take that first step in hiring a family law attorney, come to our website and set up a consultation.

You can call our office or use the online contact form. Either way, we will set you up with an initial consultation and tell you what to expect and what to bring.

Each initial consultation is one hour. This gives us time to hear your story, establish some goals and expectations, as well as discuss legal strategies and possible outcomes. We want to be transparent and honest, and we count on you to do the same.

If you are looking for an experienced family law practice in the Atlanta area, we encourage you to reach out to Family Matters Law Group. We’re ready to listen and fight hard for you and your family. Make 2020 a year to remember!