Co-parenting in a Virtual World

In the past, co-parenting using technology such as phone calls, texts, chats, or video calling, was used when separated or divorced parents either lived far apart or when one parent traveled for work. But in this new era, more parents are having to rely on technology to co-parent during the Covid-19 pandemic. Even if you live in the same area as your ex, you may find yourselves using technology more often to work out co-parenting arrangements and to visit with your child(ren). 


Navigating a Changing World

Your local child custody lawyer at Family Matters Law Group will help you navigate these changing times so that you can handle any challenges with co-parenting that come your way. We know it’s not easy juggling all your existing responsibilities along with new forms of schooling for your child(ren) and new safety precautions to consider for you and your whole family. In the midst of new health concerns and possible economic insecurity, having your co-parenting squared away will be one less thing for you to worry about. 


Making Virtual Co-parenting Work

Here are some ways to use technology to make parenting in a virtual world easier.

  • Make visitation arrangements with your ex through text or chat. This can be especially helpful if you tend not to get along well with your ex on the phone or speaking in person.
  • Using video chat to visit with your child(ren). If you’re separated due to Covid-19, reach out via FaceTime, Google Meets, Skype, Zoom, or Facebook Messenger. 
  • Discuss your child’s progress in school via email or video conferencing with their teacher. 
  • Consult with a guidance counselor, therapist, or other helping professional if your child is experiencing difficulties at school, at home, or challenges adjusting to their life during or after your divorce. 
  • Play a networked video game with your child, read them a bedtime story, share a meal, or sync up a streaming network to watch TV with them.You’re only limited by your imagination for ways to connect with your child virtually.

You’re only limited by your imagination for ways to connect with your child virtually.


The Advantages of Using Technology to Co-parent

Using Technology to Co-parent

Despite the possibility that using technology to interact with your child may be new and unfamiliar to you, as you get accustomed to it, you may find that there are actually advantages to co-parenting virtually. For one thing, you can limit your interaction with your ex and focus more on parenting your child. Staying connected and bonding with your child(ren) can be easier if you aren’t wasting time and energy dealing with your ex.


Virtual Visitation

Setting up times for virtual visitation can provide much-needed consistency and reassurance to your child. They need to be reminded that this divorce is not about them, it’s not their fault, nor does it change your love for them. Virtual co-parenting may allow you to spend more time with your child than you would if you could only see your child in person once a week, or every other weekend. 

Having the opportunity for daily check-ins, even if they have to be brief, may be more effective than longer visits that occur after longer intervals apart. Also, a virtual visit doesn’t disrupt their daily schedule as much. They don’t have to pack a bag or remember all their books for homework. They get to stay in one home, but not lose their quality time with the other parent. This may also ease some of the pangs of missing your child(ren) on days they can’t be with you. 


Maintaining Agreements For Disciplining Your Child 

It’s also important to provide consistent discipline and reinforce the rules for your child that you have agreed upon with your ex. If you need to reassess a situation that arises, you can arrange to have a talk with your ex apart from your kids. Staying on the same page is vitally important so that your child knows what to expect at all times and that the parameters of their conduct remain consistent with rules and boundaries that were set before the divorce. 

If you have questions about co-parenting virtually, or general questions about co-parenting during Covid-19, your local family law attorneys at Family Matters Law Group are available for consultations. We’re happy to help you. Contact us today to learn more: 678-545-2118